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Logistics Development

Our diverse team of experienced professionals delivers state-of-the-art properties to meet customers’ needs without compromise.

Actively involved with every stage of development, and with significant access to large-scale capital, our team has successfully developed over 40 million square feet of logistics facilities around the world.


John Morgan (email)

US Development Lead

Rebecca Zhou (email)

Chinese Development Lead

Bruno Ackermann (email)

Brazilian Development Lead

Ashank Kothari (email)

Indian Development Lead

brookfield properties development

Innovative, Sustainable Design & Construction

We believe we are developing facilities to stand the test of time and are responsible to help the overall environments within the communities they serve. In addition, we are passionate about developing facilities that are ahead of the curve and set a high-quality standard from the start of design to development to operations.

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brookfield properties development

Global Reach and Local Expertise

The logistics team in Brazil leverages a 120-year operating history to deliver exceptional results for our customers, providing ground-up development services and setting the standard for state-of-the-art facility design.

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brookfield properties development

Full-Service Build-to-Suit Developer

Our Chinese logistics business was established in 2006 and has successfully developed several major build-to-suit projects for global retailers. From our offices in Shanghai, we have reach and operational capabilities throughout the country and are able to provide cost-effective solutions in addition to ready-built manufacturing and logistics facilities.

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brookfield properties development

Trusted Developer- and Operator-of-Choice

Brookfield Properties is known for delivering best-in-class logistics buildings in the most cost-effective way possible. We use high quality materials and sustainable initiatives to add value and bottom-line savings through reduced operating costs and increased energy efficiency. With more than a decade of investment experience in India, we have a significant network presence and deep knowledge of the Indian market.

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